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Spend overloaded her back to life thanks to repair-me. Wash. Post-free lure get a boom and rays thanks to our recovering shampoo enriched with strong proteins and amino acids. The shampoo strengthens the hair from root to point, removes slightly impurities and restores damage.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Apply wet hair and massage gently in the hair and in the scalp. Then rinse with repair-me. Rinse. Can be used daily within our repair treatment. Note: You may not have to wash your hair daily, but always use repair-me.wash and Rinse for two consecutive washes.

• A powerful blend full of proteins and enzymes
• Nourishes, recovers and revitalizes the hair
• The hair feels and looks softer and stronger
• gives the hair an essential hydration boost
• Ideal for all hair types that need to be restored
• without sulfate, without parabens, cruelty-free

Benefit ingredients
Bromelaine is an enzyme from pineapple that urges deep into the hair and feeds a targeted one, without aggravating it. Papaya papaya is also such a strong enzyme that frames and boost the potential of other ingredients, so that they can bind moisture and improves the elasticity of the hair. Pea protein is a superfood that is rich in amino acids and hydrates its hair so that it is fed and revived. Silk amino acids take care of the hair and repair the moisture balance, so that hydration improves and moisture is retained. The hair becomes softer and is easier to shape. Bamboo extract cracks the antioxidants and vitamins, but is also a rich source of minerals, a very important ingredient to protect the integrity of healthy hair. Gives the hair a natural shine and gloss.

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About Kevin.murphy

Kevin.murphy products are created according to the same philosophy as Skincare products. They are also weightless and give it its resilience, shine and the results are lasting for a long time. All high-quality ingredients are of the highest achievable quality and both ethical and ecologically justified. Kevin.murphy guarantees professional hair care products with a focus on Fashion.

Kevin Murphy products are:

  • without sulfates
  • without parabens
  • Not tested on animals
  • based on skin care