RANA iClip Exclusive

This is the perfect solution to create beautiful long and voluminous hair! In an instant you have a beautiful length and extra volume that you can easily bet by yourself! These clip-in extensions are not visible and do not damage your own hair.

Gratis Verzending!




This is the perfect solution to create beautiful long and voluminous hair! In an instant you have a beautiful length and extra volume that you can easily bet by yourself!

Met deze iClip of Clip-in Extensions maakt je een prachtig feestkapsel of gewoon extra mooi haar voor elke dag. Deze set is perfect voor zowel fijn en normaal haar alsook dik haar, omdat deze clip-in set in verschillende diktes te verkrijgen is.

De clip-in extensions zijn van 100% echt haar, zodat je het kunt stylen naar wens. Ze zullen dan ook perfect blenden met je eigen haar.

De clip-in extensions zijn zeer makkelijk zelf in en uit te halen. De iClips kun je gebruiken om je haar voller en/of langer te maken. Geschikt voor dagelijks gebruik of voor af en toe. RANA heeft clip extensions in verschillende diktes, lengtes en kleuren, zodat er altijd een set perfect bij jou past!

The RANA iClip Extensions are equipped with an "Invisible-wefting technology". The edge to which the clips are attached is made of a specially developed, very strong material. The Clip-in extensions therefore lie very flat on your scalp and are virtually invisible. Each strand of high-quality hair is fused onto the material, reducing tangles and extending the life of the extensions.

The Rana ICLIP extensions are much thinner than the traditional clip-in extensions and more comfortable to wear. The Rana clip-ins are a “ Full-head set ”.


  • Only use the RANA Haire Care Products and follow the caring instructions you received.
  • Always comb the iclip extensions that you will wash the hair and never comb if it's wet.
  • Avoid pulling and stretching hard.
  • Sun, wind, chlorine and seawater damage your ICLIP extensions.
  • We do not recommend coloring or bleaching the extensions.
  • Do not wear the ICLIP extensions with sleeping.
  • Always follow the instructions and always use the recommended products so that your own hair and extensions do not damage!

Geniet van je prachtige, nieuwe haar!!

How to use

STEP 1 – Make and divorce in your hair

You use a point comb or forefinger to distribute your hair (from left to right). Start at the lower part of your head (just below one ear to the second ear). The remaining hair at the top sets you on top of your head with a hair clip.

* If desired, you can start making the first separation even lower. As low as you want yourself *

STEP 2 – Crepe your hair

Crew your own hair to the turn off with a comb or crehiber brush and spray some varnish. You can also use some volume powder or dry shampoo. This makes your own hair a bit stiff so that the clips stay better.

STEP 3 – Take the first piece ICLIP from the suit

Remove the first piece ICLIP from your PAH RANA ICLIP Extensions. This piece must be wide enough to cover your separation from left to right. Not too wide because then see this on the sides. We recommend that you take the piece with 2 clips. Open all clips so that you are ready to insert it.

Step 4 – Placement of the first piece of ICLIP

Place the opened clip in the right place, good in your own, hair created. Click the clip so that there is enough own hair. Repeat this with the other clips.

Step 5 – Make a new divorce

Remove the hair clip so that all your hair falls off again. Make a new separation in the same way as in step 1. This separation you make about a cm above the previous one. You put the remaining hair again on your head with the hair clip.

Step 6 – Placement of the remaining iClip

Now place the remaining pieces of ICLIP extensions in the same way as above. Repeat this process every time a new separation about 1-2 cm above the previous one.

To set the entire package optimally and immediately divided, we recommend using the order below. Starting at the bottom of the head / neck and so you work step by step up. You use these four pieces on the back of your head:

  • 2 clips
  • 3 clips
  • 3 clips
  • 4 clips

Step 7 – Check on bumps

Now that you have confirmed the Rana ICLIP Extensions, disconnect all your hair and brush carefully over your hair. Check if all pieces of iclip lie flat on your head. If you leave one, then you open the clip and place it again so that it is flat.

Step 8 – Placement of the side pieces

Now place the side pieces in the same way so that you also get a nice blending on the sides with your own hair. Place on each side:

  • 2 clips
  • 1 clip

Step 9 – The ICLIP Extensions Styling

Make the extensions extra style if desired or create a curl or wave with a heat tool. NOTE: Do not put your heat tool higher than 180 degrees!

Step 10 – Remove the ICLIP extensions

To remove the Rana ICLIP extensions, open all clips and gently tilt it up, out of your own hair. Never try to remove a piece of ICLIP without first opening all clips!

Pros and cons

Pros and cons:

  • Fast inserts
  • Reusable several times
  • Many uses, tail, dot, braid
  • Placement without heat or gluing-like products
  • Many different colors
  • Not harmful to one's own hair
  • Wear when you want this
  • Kan al eens uit het haar schuiven als je het niet goed vast hebt gezet
  • Kan een in het begin trekkerig gevoel geven op het hoofd
  • Kan in het begin wat jeuk geven op het hoofd


  • "Is that harmful to one's own hair?"
    No not at all!
  • "How long does this stay in my hair?"
    Je kunt de iClips zelf in- en uithalen. Dus je beslist zelf hoe lang en hoe vaak je deze draagt. Het is niet aan te raden met de iClip-extensions te gaan slapen.
  • "Can this system be reused"
  • “ How many hairpieces are there in a suit? ”
    8 pieces ranging in: 2 x 4 cm, 3 x 11 cm, 2 x 14 cm, 1 x 22 cm.
  • “ How much gram hair? ”
    De iClips wegen samen 120, 180 of 240 gram.
  • “ what length are these available? ”
    In 55 cm.

Welke iClip heb ik nodig?

This depends on your own hair (thickness, length, density) and what your wishes are (only volume, only extension or both)

In the table below you will find the guidelines that we use for the required system:

Your own hair Required iClip
Volume treatment 120 gram
Thin hair 120 gram
Normal hair 180 gram
Thick/Short hair 240 gram