RANA iFlip Deluxe

IFLIP is the revolution in the field of hair extensions that you can get in and out yourself. The IFLIP system is the fastest and simplest way to change your look yourself.

Gratis Verzending!




De RANA iFlip is dé revolutie op het gebied van hair extensions die je zelf in en uit kunt halen. Het Flip-in systeem is de snelste en meest eenvoudige manier om zelf je look te veranderen.

Ideal for one night of long hair. Or a thick forest curls for a special day. Until recently we only dreamed of it, or we had to sit for hours in the hairdresser to let hair extensions apply. But, with the revolutionary iFlip Hair his long steep hair, or a nice bunch curls in an instant for you!

Just do it yourself, easy and fast!

In contrast to all other systems, with an invisible thread that is being borne by your own hair. Even if your own hair is somewhat thinner, you can use this system with confidence. Nobody looks it!

It only takes 1 minute from your time to confirm it and only a few seconds to get it out again. The Rana iFlip is made from 100% real hair and is guaranteed to be very high quality. That's why you can styline the way you would normally do. For comparison: one IFLIP is equal to approx. 125 Invisilocks or three Rana Perfect Wefts!


  • Only use the RANA Haire Care Products and follow the caring instructions you received.
  • Always comb the IFLIP that you will wash the hair and comb it never when it is wet.
  • Avoid pulling and stretching hard.
  • Sun, wind, chlorine and seawater damage your iFlip.
  • We do not recommend coloring or bleaching the extensions.
  • Do not wear the iFLIP with sleeping.
  • Always follow the instructions and always use the recommended products so that your own hair and extensions do not damage!

Geniet van je prachtige, nieuwe haar!!

How to use

STEP 1 - Comb your hair and make your middle or side separation

Comb your hair with a detangle brush so this is a knot-free and make your desired divorce, as you want to wear the hair.

STEP 2 - Place the iFLIP

Plaats de iFLIP op het hoofd met het doorzichtige draadje ongeveer 1-2 cm afstand van het begin van je haargrens. Duw de band met haar over de bolling van je hoofd, zodat de iFLIP goed klemt.

STEP 3 - Carefully pull your own hair over the iFLIP

Trek met een puntkam stukje voor stukje je eigen haar over de iFLIP, totdat de iFLIP niet meer te zien is.

Step 4 - Comb your hair over the iFlip

Comb your own hair now and at the front you can carefully with a comb your own hair over the transparent thread until it is no longer visible.


Maak de extensions indien gewenst extra stijl of maak er een krul of wave in  met een warmtetool. Let op: Zet je warmtetool niet hoger dan 180 graden!


Om de RANA iFLIP te verwijderen, pak je het haarstuk aan de zijkanten vast en je tilt deze voorzichtig omhoog en opzij, uit je eigen haar.

Voor- en nadelen


  • Fast inserts
  • Reusable several times
  • Many uses, tail, dot, braid
  • Placement without heat or gluing-like products
  • Many different colors
  • Not harmful to one's own hair
  • Wear when you want this


  • Can already slide out of the hair if you don't get it properly
  • Can give some itching on the head
  • Because it is not customization you could see the transition from your own hair to the IFLIP. You must styline this as desired.


  • "Is that harmful to one's own hair?" No not at all!
  • "How long does this stay in my hair?" Je kunt de RANA iFlip zelf in en uithalen. Dus je beslist zelf hoe lang je hoe vaak je deze draagt.
  • "Can this system be reused" Jazeker!
  • “ How many hairpieces are there in a suit? ” De RANA iFlip is één geheel.
  • “ How much gram hair? ” De iFlip weegt 140 gram.
  • “ what length are these available? ” In 50-55 cm
  • “ click here For more frequently asked questions ”