RANA Ponytail

With this ponytail you can create an Ariana Grande look in no time. Made from the best quality 100% Human Hair, making this perfect blend with your own hair and you can easily straighten or curl it as desired.


Gratis Verzending!




Heb jij kort haar of gewoonweg niet het volume om de perfecte paardenstaart te maken? Met de RANA Ponytail kun je in een handomdraai een Ariana Grande look creëren.

Gemaakt van de beste kwaliteit 100% Human Hair, waardoor dit perfect blend met je eigen haar en je het gemakkelijk naar wens kunt straighten of krullen. Verkrijgbaar in veel verschillende kleuren, balayages en root-colors, zodat er altijd een stijl is die bij jou past. Ook ideaal om een nonchalante dot, opsteekkapsel en zelfs een prachtig bruidskapsel mee te maken.

The Rana Ponytail, you just have to have that!

How to use

Make a ponytail of your own hair at the desired height.

Hook the parenthesis of the bulky ponytail above the elastic of your ponytail and turn the extra piece of her over it. Secure this with a (or more) pin (s).

Make the ponytail extra style if desired or create a curl or wave with a heat tool. NOTE: Do not put your heat tool higher than 180 degrees!

It is so simple to place the Rana Ponytail itself! The ultimate tail in no time! Ready to go out the door and shine with your new ponytail!

Enjoy your beautiful, new look !!

Tips & Caring

  • Only use the care products from RANA Hair Care
  • Follow the maintenance advice that you get well
  • Always comb the ponytail that you are going to wash the hair and never comb if it's wet
  • Avoid pulling and racking hard
  • Sun, wind, chlorine and seawater can damage your ponytail
  • We recommend it to color or discolor the extensions
  • Never carry the ponytail while sleeping or swimming

Follow the always these instructions and only use the recommended products. Then you have fun of your Rana ’ s long!


Additional information


Black is Black, Espresso Addict, Kinky Kakao, Brownie Muffin, Brilliant Brown, Sweet Volcano, Gorgeous Geisha, Sandstorm, Going Nuts, Smokey Love, Amazing Ashes, New York Nights, Caramel Cookie, Too Much Honey, Rich & Famous, Catwalk Junkie, James Blonde, Ice Ice Baby, I'm a Diva, Skinny Dipping, Moonshine Magic, Safari Shadow, Remember the Time, Toujours l'Amour, Night & Day, Queen of Lights, Vanilla Vamp

Pros and cons


  • Fast inserts
  • Reusable several times
  • Many uses, tail, dot, braid
  • Placement without heat or gluing-like products
  • Many different colors
  • Not harmful to one's own hair
  • Wear when you want this


  • Can already slide out of the hair if you don't get it properly
  • Can give some itching on the head


  • Is that harmful to one's own hair?. No not at all!
  • How long does this stay in my hair? You can enter and remove the ponytail yourself. So you decide how long and how often you wear it. It is not advisable to go to sleep with the ponytail.
  • Can this system be reused? Yes.
  • How many hairpieces are there in a suit? 1 Ponytail
  • How much gram hair? The ponytail weighs 115 grams.
  • In what length are these available? In 50-55 cm.

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