Rana Hair Academy

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Rana offers various courses in the field of hair extensions. Training in which you learn the basic principles to correctly use hair extensions, but also the only one-round training master & amp in Belgium and the Netherlands; Expert in Hairextensions. Our courses consist of a theory and practical part. After completing every training you will receive the official RANA diploma.

Specialized courses to real hair extension experts

Good training is therefore essential to be able to put a hair extension in a responsible manner and to provide them with professional advice. Learning the right techniques and achieving an official diploma, offers you a good basis for existing, new but above all satisfied customers. It seems easier than it is.

In principle, every hairdresser has the opportunity to work with Hair Extensions and also put this into practice as a self-employed person. And here is your chance !! You can distinguish yourself by putting hair extensions at the highest level, with the best quality hair extensions that are available. Because only the very best thing is what your customer want today. Satisfied customers come back, tell it further, keep you working!

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