GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

For Beachy, of course looking curls and deep waves


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For beachy, natural-looking curls and deep waves; The GHD Curve Creative Curl Wall has a unique 28 mm – 23 mm conical ton that can of course create looking curls and deep waves for a beautiful beachy effect or glamorous, jumpy, big hair. The protective cool tip offers you a safe and secure position. Other useful functions are a professional long-lasting, automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use and universal voltage, so that you can use your wall anywhere in the world.

Each GHD curve wall contains the breakthrough ultrazone technology that guarantees the correct curs temperature of 185 ° C. This is maintained throughout the vessel thanks to the latest advanced technology and the correct style temperature at all times; Deliver curls that are fast and locked up while you respect your hair's health.

Best for: Ideal for all hair lengths, in particular shorter hair so that you can curl without losing the hair length; Suitable for all hair types

TO USE: For a natural, wrigging curls; Share the hair in 2 cm wide and deep pieces. Wrap the hair close to the vessel for a fuller curl and hold the hair in place for 5-8 seconds. You can also wrap around the vessel to create Beachy Wave effect.

Style tip: Use the curl spray to curl the hair before curling – This not only protects the curling iron but also ensures that your curls last. For a slim, glamorous look; All hair sections in the same direction curl. For a more bulky appearance; Exchange from the enclosing sections of hair under and over the barrel to create curls that bounce against each other. Use a GHD soothing comb to make the hair or a paddle brush soft to smooth your curls.