GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

Designed to create large curls and soft waves


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Designed to create large curls and soft waves; The GHD Curve® soft curling iron has a 32 mm wide walk with a spring-operated ergonomic lever. The protective cool tip offers you a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl, and the built-in safety standard allows you to securely lay down the tongue during styling. Other useful functions are a cord of professional length for flexible styling, automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use and universal voltage, so that you can use your tongue all over the world.

To ensure that the correct styling temperature of 185 ° C is reached and maintained, the new ultrazone technology in the vessel recognizes every hair section to enter styles and respects the health of your hair to ensure that the styles the whole last day.

Best for: Creates soft tumbling curls and volume at the root, on all hair types. Works best on longer locks.

TO USE: For a large, jumped, curly hair dryer; Share the hair in 2 cm wide and deep pieces. Open the clamp and wrap the hair flat around the vessel. Close the clamp to hold the end of the hair in place. Wait 5-8 seconds and then open the clamp to unlock it. Alternatively, to create a loose wave; Share the hair as earlier, but instead turn the hair around the barrel – This ensures a more relaxed style. Hold the hair in place for 5-8 seconds (the clamp may not completely close as a result of the thicker of the hair) and then release.

Style tip: Use the GHD Krulspray to curl her before curl – This not only protects the hair against the heat of the curling iron, but also ensures that your curls stay last. For a slim, glamorous look; All hair sections in the same direction curl. For a more bulky appearance; Exchange from the enclosing sections of hair under and over the barrel to create curls that bounce against each other. Use a GHD disclosure comb to make the hair or a GHD paddle brush soft to smooth your curls.