RANA MicroRings Supreme

RANA MicroRings Supreme

Microrings with silicone on the inside. Can be used for RANA StickTips or Perfect Wefts.

14,00 – 49,50

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100 st

500 st

Available colors

Microrsings Supreme are the perfect rings to confirm your extensions. These aluminum microrses have a silicone inside, so that the extensions cannot slip. You can use the Microrsings Supreme for the Rana StickTips or the Rana Perfect Wefts. Ideal if you want to attach the extensions without glue or heat.

Slide the microrses supreme to the loop needle or crochet needle. With this you slide the ring to the hair. Put the microring with the special Rana microrsing tongs.

We also recommend using the Rana microrsing tongs and the RANA walking needle or crochet needle.


  • Material outside: aluminum
  • Material inside: silicone
  • Diameter: 4,1mm
  • Lengte: 6mm
  • Colors: black, dark brown, brown, camel, blonde