Rana Keratin Removing

Rana Keratin Removing

Verwijdertang voor het openknijpen van de keratine bondings van keratine extensions.


Removing trend for opening the keratin bondings of keratin extensions

You will certainly need this professional tong to be able to remove keratin bonding extensions properly. The tongs have a good grip so that it is well in hand. The special ribbed mouth ensures that the keratin is broken even better when removing.


We also recommend using the Rana Rapid Remover 100 ml


Special ribbed mouth
Sturdy handle with good grip
Is good in the hand
Good quality

First apply enough RANA RAPID Remover to the Keratin Bonding. Carefully squeeze the keratin bond of the hair extensions with the pliers. The keratin bond therefore becomes broos, after which the keratin lets your own hair loose. In this way you can easily remove the Keratin Extension.